Yearn Interaction / Feedback / Bugs

This is a long thread collecting input on yearn in general. This includes all webpages and platforms.

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  1. Specify a problem:

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Initial discussion started in (Time to get our shit together) and I’ve migrated some of the issues to GitHub but it’s clear that the list is not full.


Documentation is not really optimal since there is this type of questions: Yearn – Next Steps.

Would be great to make sure that documentation exists in a structured form.


When I vote on a proposal and after my on-chain vote confirms, the VOTE FOR | VOTE AGAINST buttons remain on the voting page “


After the vote confirms, at refresh indicate to the user that he/she has voted and gray out or remove the VOTE FOR | VOTE AGAINST buttons. And to go the extra step, create a “I voted” sticker that can be used to share on Discord, Telegram, or the forum.

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I was confused too. I wondered if it hadn’t voted so I voted again.

Greying out the button might not be optimal because if you want to change your vote or add more YFI and vote again, you might think you can’t vote again or not at all (if by grey out you mean disable).

Perhaps a “You have voted (FOR/AGAINST) this YIP with XXXX YFI. Thank you for your contribution.” Should appear somewhere in the box.

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Hey guys, not really a bug but the current strategy column overlaps with the total value holdings column on a 13inch laptop:

Its not an issue on larger screens, but was wondering if we could fix this somehow? Maybe by just stripping away the ‘Strategy’ Prefix from each strategy? (guess that would give enough space even for 13inch screens)

Put this one as github issue, thank you!


Hi to everyone,
I am an ordinary retail user and I have a basic knowledge of how blockchain and smart contract work (no programming skills). I am using Yearn Finance since more than one year and I have some feedback and suggestions. I believe YF is a great protocol and has a great potential to work as the best yielding platform, and I underline that my takes are 100% constructive and I write this contribution in the hope to give you some good input.

  1. Zap out from vaults in different currencies doesn’t work. For example if i want to zap out from the current Curve aETHc v2 vault I am not able to withdraw ETH. Tried also with beta version, Zapper and Zerion but same result: after approving the token I get an error. This feature should be rock solid and working with possibly every token/vault in and out.
    If this depend on the fact that I am using a hardware wallet (Ledger Nano) it should be clearly stated somewhere in the interface.
  2. Regarding the above vault I have difficulties understanding how the reward works. After one week that I invested some ETH in the Curve aETHc vault, if I try to simulate a withdrawal to ETH I see that I would receive LESS eth than I invested. This despite the ankrETH Curve vault is showing that the number of ankrETH is nearly double of the ETH deposited (which gives a ETH bonus during Curve pool withdrawal) and APY has been always positive.
  3. I discovered by myself that the composition of the Curve pool heavily influence how the final reward (I mean when withdrawing from YF vault) actually work. I kept a rETH vault for some time and at the end I had a negative yearn because in the curve pool the number of rETH was higher than the number of ETH deposited. This factor should be highlighted to the user when choosing the vault.
  4. Point 1, 2 and 3 makes me question if Yearn Finance is actually profitable. I headed my saving for 1 month to Convex Finance and had much better results, at least I recovered from lost rETH using the YF vault in point 3. With current gas prices it’s a true pain to harvest and exchange tokens, but it’s still more profitable.
  5. Given the above points I would hardly recommend YF to a friend. I am probably missing something, and I am available to give my public key to a YF dev who would like to investigate better my usage of YF.
  6. I tried to use the SWAP feature but it works only with vaults with similar assets.

I tried also beta version which has a better usability, here are some suggestion:

  • It is now possible to see vault earning over time, it would be nice to see also profits for user investment over time in the specific vault. In both USD and ETH possibly, since many of us count money in ether.
  • a feature that would be super cool is the ability to set the protocol to decide and change autonomously the more profitable vault for ETH based vault and stablecoin based pools.
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