Can We Simplify Things?

Hi everyone. Great community. Glad to have started getting involved in Yearn. I know there is a lot of development happening and many discussions. But as a new user, this all seems extremely scatter brained.

To find more information I’ll start reading and see that the op might have gotten bored and stopped updating it… then jump to Medium and see the scope of the topic is much different than what I was looking for… Then even on here conversations lack clarity in relation to the big picture.

So why do I mention this?

Well, I recently threw some YFI into the yYFI vault. And then I saw its better to stake YFI and vote… Then I saw there was talk of combining the features to generate more YFI yield and allow voting through a derivative of YFI. But no idea where that thread went.

It’s confusing as hell guys. I bring this up because everybody preaches adoption and bringing in new users… I’m a new user… I’m not interested in spending a week to just get familiar with one thing. I want to participate, but I’m having trouble understanding why I don’t want to yVault my YFI and instead vote and earn yCRV through the vote??

There are a ton of efforts to help here and they are great. But I think we need to organize it into one spot. Right on the homepage. Have a link that says “Just getting started?” Now tell me, as a user, why I want YFI. What to do with it. And why.

Then get into all the products and how they might help me as an investor.

Just my 2 sats.

p.s. - Seriously tho, why should I stake/vote instead of yYFI my YFI?

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This doesn’t hit all your valid concerns, but there was a site map post today outlining site upgrades. There’s work going on to help with clarity. Check it out and help make sure it fills your needs:

I totally agree about the “getting started” stuff and we’re building that out in docs now:

But about YFI, yearn isn’t here to sell YFI. YFI is here to enable passionate and knowledgeable people to govern yearn.

You can get a good return on YFI by staking it in the governance contract. There is also the YFI vault. I’m not sure which is a better ROI but if you check the docs you’ll find links to stats sites that may help.

Also discord is a great place to get help. Things move too fast here for there to be one place with all the answers, but we’re working on it.

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Sounds good.

I’d debate what you mentioned in terms of not selling YFI. You are here to develop YFI to be better… Yes… But more users helps create more yield, more tools, more liquidity, more fees… and more YFI. So it’d be very short sighted to dismiss the idea of selling YFI.

Which means… The idea here is to sell Yearn.Finance to everyone. Let’s please not let this become a developers first type of project and forget about user interface, mass adoption, and the non-crypto user.

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sounds good, appreciate the direction

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