Issues with

It seems there are a few issues with our signaling platform,

#1– the pointer at to the underlying snapshot page is broken– the connection times out. However, the page at still works just fine. Is there a reason why this is down? Are changes being made behind the scenes?

#2– there seems to be an issue with people creating…non-useful polls (screenshot attached). Is there a way to gatekeep this forum so we don’t have random crap thrown up on it or people just testing out functionality?

I know the team has been busy keep the yETH vault running, and formalizing the new team and roles– but is a great signaling platform and it looks like it might need a little love. Especially since we’ve talked about working towards cheaper or gasless options for voting to help keep smaller voters engaged, I definitely don’t want to let this page become a relic.


Yes, gasless option will be a great incentive to keep people voting, because it is really going high.
I recently had to pay $32 for one of those Votes on kyber, not what I was planning to use that money for and then I only got less than half of the voting governance coin…not very nice.

@dudesahn worry not! was updated to match on-chain voting parameters.

“pee pee poo poo” stuff should not show up on the site anymore. Thanks for bringing attention to this.


I have been unable to vote signal with MataMask for Android. Is this expected?

Good to know about the spam posts :slight_smile:

And what exactly does that mean “match on-chain voting parameters”? I’m only asking because I still can’t access the snapshot page through the address. Are we just supposed to use the link moving forward in the future? Just wanted to make sure I understood clearly.


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Please, use snapshot link for now. Need to check what’s off there.

Proposals can be created on-chain only by 1+ YFI holders. In a snapshot version lower balance proposals are shadowed to prevent spamming. If you feel excluded, team/mods are ready to help with proposal creation.

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Ah thanks, that clears it up!

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Closed since resolved.