I’ve been in contact with a number of people in the YFI community that would be interested in YFI oriented hoodies. I also have reached out to Jacob Horne who founded zora. We are going to put something together for the community.

Hop in here if you would be interested in this. Funding/cost discussions will need to happen in some capacity (either via individuals or more holistically if enough demand). More to come soon


All for this. When it does, purchases should only be allowed in $YFI :wink:


Love it! We don’t want to spend our $YFI though, make it in $yCRV :slight_smile:


@belmore this is amazing.

One suggestion, please don’t put tokenized sale on uniswap. This is pretty bad idea for price discovery.

– “Dope est dope”

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I second the point that this should be priced and dealt with in yCRV not YFI. YFI is the governance token and the ultimate vision should be to make yCRV the meta stablecoin of choice. And I’m down for a hoodie.


I pledge 0.1 $YFI if I can get first dibs


Hey Everyone, our design studio can help with YFI apparel design on us. Lets us know how we can help.


Very much down as a fan of both projects

As a funding method, how would people feel about yCRV staking that routes into a yfi earning pool, basically hoodie farming? You would receive something like $YHOODIE

The YFI generated would go to fund the creation of the swag. If people just want to buy and not stake or anything, that’s fine. Might suck more money into yCRV pool this way though.



Cool idea. At current levels, a week or two of yCRV farming from those interested should be enough a hoodie for that person.

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It is mental to farm hoodie… But I like :sweat_smile:

It’s also much better than uniswap trading pair.

I mean… YFI hoodies are pretty much a basic need atm!

MetaFactory is another crypto-fashion that has been doing collabs with the biggest crypto artists. They are run by a DAO and focus on creating community controlled brands instead of pump and dump tokens like zora

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i design in prod


:eyes: in! This sounds like a solid plan

I’m in.

Also can you please use much higher quality materials? I dngaf if it costs a lot more I am happy to pay whatever and I imagine most ppl are like me – let’s make it legit & good quality please :slight_smile:

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Love it! The “i test in prod” detail :raised_hands:

Love it. But we need a logo upgrade to the new blue. I also want to know how much and when can I get my hands on it? :grin:

This one should be pretty solid quality, 50% cotton and 50% poly-fleece. Likely the best we can have for immediate availability. If you want something really primo, will have to do a fully custom design and source exact materials etc. That would require preorders + 70-90day turnaround time, but it’s doable.

i’m kinda into a long sleeve shirt / tshirt