Ymerch.finance is LIVE!

Greetings fellow yearners!

Introducing ymerch.finance

I’ve spent the last few days creating this website, and putting the finishing touches on ymerch’s first piece inspired by Dr Dre’s iconic album “The Chronic”

The Cronjec Tee will drop tonight (September 8) at 6pm UTC.

The ymerch store will sell 1 YFI related piece of merchandise per month in very limited numbers, creating a collectible line of clothing.

Our background before crypto was fashion, so we’ve paid close attention to detail and quality, creating something that isn’t just top memery, but also actually wearable.

We’ll also be posting here more frequently as we want to take design requests, suggestions and submissions from this awesome community to help develop future limited edition pieces.

100% of profits will market buy YFI on Uniswap, and TxID proof will be tweeted regularly on the loldefi Twitter.

Special thanks to Klim for supporting this project!


You need to accept crypto. Yearn is one of the most decentralized projects and it’s a shame your site does not have crypto payment options.


The only thing I can currently implement with the Shopify store is Coinbase Commerce. Which I am in the process of doing…

Although I’m currently seeking other ways to allow for all ERC-20 options as payment.

Thanks for the feedback, it’s definitely top of my list for future releases!


I guess this is a bigger issue, why is there no merchant platform to easily accept erc20 tokens.


I totally agree - it’s infuriating…

I can only assume there are some technical barriers or limitations otherwise it would have been done already… I’m not sure what goes into the backend of making something like this. I know no one wants to use Coinbase to check out though lol.

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I’d be curious if someone offered to create a decentralized merchant processing system/protocol if the Yearn community would fund it?

@loldefi What would you really need in such a tool? If you could create an account in a smart contract and people can place orders by sending in YFI + encrypted shipping info, you can then receive the payments and decrypt with your Ethereum key would that be sufficient?

If such a protocol took a 0.20% protocol fee and sent it to Yearn or it own governance vault would you be ok with that?


I would be more than ok with that! I would actively encourage and welcome anyone who has the ability to create that definitely create it.

The only issue following that would be getting the garments made using the value transacted. As I’m currently using a dropship service, I would have to sell the crypto manually on my end and then pay the supplier with that fiat. All in all a longer process which would probably incur more fees for the merchant (me).

An ideal scenario would be someone creating a Shopify integrated app or alternative payment method which can be used internally with the Shopify ecosystem. This also goes for SquareSpace and WooCommerce.

If this type of infrastructure was created for any of the above store providers, I would happily jump ship to whichever had the rails in place to accept any ERC-20.

Failing that, perhaps in the future, if I can take some profits from sales instead of using it to buy YFI, I can gather enough funds to pay to have the merch created upfront, and then I can take care of shipping and payments in crypto manually myself.

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Cool website, and great initiative! Do you provide an eth address or transaction overview from where you buy the Yfi with profits?

~ Luc

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I will be posting TxIDs regularly to Twitter to verify proof of purchase of YFI

More info here :slight_smile: https://ymerch.finance/pages/about

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The social community could also purchase through YFI by just typing in for example “/send 35 usd yfi” and it could complete a purchase with par jar.

I have the product currently pinned on the top of our telegram as well right now, that should help

Thanks for your support dude!

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Got you magn, anytime.

check out originprotocol.com

think u can create ecommerce stores that accept all crypto payments

would also be good to help another protocol interested in furthering defi.

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I work at Origin and would be happy to help onboard you to our Dshop platform which is basically a decentralized Shopify alternative. Content can be hosted on IPFS or GCP and any ERC-20 can be accepted as payment. Plus there is integration with Stripe, PayPal, and Printful (on-demand apparel company). Everything is free and we can walk you through the process.

You can reach me @coleman415 on Telegram or coleman@originprotocol.com


If you’re interested in accepting crypto and/or credit card/Paypal, you should check out www.originprotocol.com/dshop.

Disclaimer: I’m one of the co-founders of Origin.

We currently integrate with Printful on the dropshipping side, so if you use them you can get your shirts dropshipped internationally.


But of course, what are we without crypto? :hugs:

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Coleman you are a legend!!!

I’m currently using Printful right now with Shopify so I can onboard with you guys and then just log in to my Printful account and all the products should still be there!!

I’ll shoot you a message now - thanks!


Lmao I love this shirt. Buying one once we get back to 30k :slight_smile:

Origin Protocol’s DShop for sure!

When Blue Kirby Shirt and Hat?