YFI / Yearn Design

Hey Yearn Team,
Our design studio would love to do some free design work for you guys to help your branding.
Happy to help in any way or form. Saw a post that people wanted Hoodies or T Shirts, we can help design the whole range.
What does the community want? How can we make this the coolest company brand out of all the other crypto DEFI ones.
Davis Studios

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Hoodie large chest logo.
Hoodie small chest logo where shirt pocket would usually be.

Both in beige.

T-shirts, not beige, but similar design concepts. Perhaps using the new blue from twitter logo?

Maybe do a range of t-shirts, in different colours taken from the yearn.finance site, with different logos on them (earn, zap, APR, cover, pool), and a smaller yearn logo somewhere.

Those are my thoughts

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Also to learn from DAI swag, we could do a line of punny t-shirts.

I like my ones that have:

  1. Fight club - first rule of MKR is don’t talk about MKR
  2. I’m not stable but my DAI is
  3. Die Hard - Go ahead, make my DAI


  1. How much do you yearn?
  2. Respect is yearned
  3. [yearn logo]
    We test in prod
  4. A day without yearning is a day wasted
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Got it thanks. Any imagery people like? Should we add those hentai yearn girls?


I’d love a logo inspired by black hole gravitational field with grid lines forming Y.


I would love to see anime waifu type of stuff

*extremely opinionated

But I really like what @banteg proposed.

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this is a really cool idea :fire:

anime also :grin:

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Love this, we actually have been working on this for our own branding, so can easily design one for Y.

Yep our designers love Anime/Hentai. haha


@FutureFund logo for reference:

Platform for production and distribution, I would recommend https://teespring.com, not the cheaper, but its popular and we wont need to order a large qty and handle the distribution.

Is this still happening? :eyes:

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Personally would like to see:

Intentionally Complex &
Deeply Broken &

Shirts or hats. Helvetica, of course.


Yield Farmers Incorporated

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Yes. Launching 8/8

Follow @yfistore on twitter for my details.

YFIstore design will be dropping new gear every week.

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YFI store will be using Tee Spring to start off with.

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lol. Gotta love Robert

Ama 20th century farmer
Yield farmer

The guys at YFI store have launched now. CC @milk