New Logos For yUSD


yEarn and its assets have been growing in popularity in the last few weeks. New use cases for yEarn products are emerging on a regular basis, in particular I am referring to yUSD as a reserve asset.

We as a community need to build a brand that is instantly recognizable by users across DeFi. This will further cement yEarns dominance in the space and allow for yEarn to become more ubiquitous and instantly recognizable.


I propose that we adopt an official logos for yUSD


Currently, the their is no unified theme for yEarn vault assets. The logo that is displayed for yUSD on Coingeko is essentially the Curve logo. The logo that is displayed for yUSD on CREAM is the Curve logo with two Y’s overlaid. This creates confusion, especially for new users.


I, with the help of @yvancg, have created a series of logos that could be suitable for our needs.
I personally like number two, since it is a good representation of yUSD. This poll is to gauge interest from the community. If this is well received, we can vote on a winner from these logos. Please provide feedback, as these are not set in stone and can be altered.


photo_2020-09-14_16-36-27 photo_2020-09-14_16-36-30 photo_2020-09-14_16-36-32 !

  • For: Yes, lets choose one of these logos to represent yUSD.
  • Against: No, It is fine as is.
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I love 2 - looks great! Nice work


Variant 2 looks great to me.


#2 looks dope :fire:


#2. and here are some characters so i can actually post this.


I vote for 2 as well!

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Initial thoughts are that the yUSD logo shouldn’t be a variation of the exisiting Yearn Logo. Looks to much like all the clones, like YFV, YFII etc.


Those are ok but they look too much like YFI clones. yUSD should have it’s unique logo (sharing the blue Yearn identity)


Agree and the watchmen feel is actually looking quite alright


Let put it to a vote! I aint afraid of puffy blue kirby!

I agree with this. yTokens are a bit confusing for most people and having similar logos will only add to that.

It would be ideal to create some variety.

Glad to see more design work flowing on the forum!

But I have to say I love @FutureFund’s blue smiley face and would vote for that.

#2 is my fav too. I’d like to see three variations based on #2 from here, let’s see if we can improve the concept.

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Hi guys, thanks for participating. It looks like someone has already updated Coingecko with a new logo. This thread is no longer relevant since it seems action has already been taken without community input.

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2 looks great to me.

This is not how it works. If the community would like to change the logo, we can just create a quick vote and do it. Changing a logo on coingecko is pretty fast and easy. :wink:
I vote for #2


I want to change my vote to the smiley face on Coingecko, upon reflection #2 is too similar to the Yearn logo.

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could we create a contest for that ?

I prefer 1 to be honest.

Chatting with @gabriel and want to help clarify some of this. If in a proposal discussion there is good consensus then after 3 days you can make a YIP. Ideally you should include the feedback in the discussion, so if you wanted to make a YIP I’d suggest adding the smiley logo as an option.

Under YIP-41 the multisig has authority to facilitate some design stuff, I believe the smiley logo was added to coingecko under that authority. Further there are people making decisions every day about yearn stuff, often volunteering for free and doing their best for the community. Often there isn’t time to get gov approval and a decision has to be made. CoinGecko listed yUSD, it needed a logo, someone made one, it was added. Ultimately governance does have final authority on everything, and yes, it’s possible to change a coingecko logo.

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