yETH logo design

I’ve designed a yETH logo to go along with the new yUSD logo.

A strong visual style can help with clarity, legitimacy and branding of our new yETH token. Thoughts?

Who am I? I work with Kirby on the media side. First day YFI “miner” - Voted on nearly every YIP - Community Builder
I created this piece for the yUSD announcement last week: Yield Never Ends - yUSD


yUSD has a smile at an angle, this is completely horizontal. what’s the thinking there?


Looks awesome! A little ‘Amazon-y’. Would it be possible to consider a variation? I loved your yUSD piece (I own one) and I wonder if you could have a blue circle with the ETH diamond inside and the ‘smile’ arrow going sideways from one point to the other? Kind of similar to the yUSD logo.



I do like that variation

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Thx for the thoughts and sugs. I’m definitely hearing the “too amazon-y” across the board. I’ll do some more iterations and report back. Keep comments coming if you have an opinion!


I also really like this concept, consistent branding is as important as creativity here and I think this concept nails it on both fronts


And it suggests that ETH cycles back into ETH, which is consistent with the vault strategies – get back more of what you put in.


I would make the arrow just a bit smaller but I like it and on theme with yUSD

Here are a few options based on feedback. They are mockups — a little too lo-res and would need cleanup, etc.

They are all darker than the first pass. I tweaked the radius of the “smile” to make it less Amazon, and more in line with yUSD.

I think I like 1a and 2a best. It’s a cleaner read. They are the same design and could both be used as needed. I might need to thicken the shard outlines for when it’s smaller scale.

That said, the rotation with the sideways smile is fun and could be more memorable. The only worry I have there is we risk limiting future design as we are tying ourselves to the smile design element, and a particular direction or placement of the element. But if others love it, I’m in!

I think the tweak to the arrow addressed the note that inspired 1c, but I threw it on there. 2c doesn’t really work for me. I can’t unsee a one-eyed monster of some sort.

Have at it!


Awesome work! Thanks for putting some options together.
Now that you mention it, I can’t unsee the one-eyedness of 2c either.
My vote is for 2a.

I like 2a for the main logo with the option to use 1a depending on the context/theme of the page it is used on

2c. It may also work with more logos in the future.

I kind of agree both that 2c is an awesome concept and tht 2c looks like a one eyed monster.

I think we should work with 2c but try to get rid of that effect, maybe toying with the colors would help? Swapping light/dark areas? Idk I can barely draw a stick figure but I thibk 2c is consistent with current branding for yUSD and gives us a good blueprint to go off of for future vault art

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A variation for 2c, perhaps, could be to straighten the ETH logo (vertical) and make it a bit smaller so it fits in the curve of the arrow.

I think if you could combine 1b and 2a that would look nice. I like the ETH not rotated in 1a and 2a but I like the arrow in 1b and 2b.

love 2b and 2c. Time to poll up?

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Hey all. Thanks for all the feedback. It’s been great to hear thoughts and additional ideas. I just wanted to give an update. The yearn devs have been in contact with me and I’m doing some internal iterations before coming back here. We need to take into account the other yVault tokens such as yLINK, yBTC, etc to make a consistent, coherent and scalable design for future vault products. I believe when designing this, my vision was much smaller than this project is/will encompass. Super excited for where we are all going!


Just wanted to give an update here.

Tracheopteryx posted a site map and naming convention draft this morning. Check it out as this work all goes hand in hand.

As I mentioned before, the vision for the yXXX products is bigger than I had realized. We need a coherent design that can scale along with the yield products. I simplified the design even more and the community site designers are liking this idea of “blue-ifying” each underlying vault asset and cornering the blue coin market.

Here is the latest version I did for yETH, yBTC, and yLINK.

I am handing this work over to Future and the design team to continue iterating and do a more formal community design presentation.

Thank you to everyone for your input and thoughts. It was great to get your feedback and support!


Thank you for your service!