yVault Strategy Visuals

Would love to see some ‘strategy visuals’ developed to help users understand what is going on when they deposit their money. Some simple designs on where yield is being generated, where fees are being taken, etc. These visuals could serve as a basis for a ‘playbook’ of sorts, that will help controllers // strategists communicate changes faster in the future.

If anyone has the skills to do this, or if a dev/designer can pair up to create these, I’m happy to help push for funding at yDAO or fund myself. I’ve attached some examples below.

As a general note on design, I do think we want to be as simple and clear as possible. The apple of yield, if you will. There is a lot going on under the hood of these products, so maximizing security as well as creating sleek communication wrappers is paramount.


We can just sketch it on a piece of paper then hire someone from fivver or reddit freelancer to prettify it with the treasury fund?

@Substreight we can do this, just lets us know. You’ve got our email.

Please shoot through exactly what we need and our design lab can do the graphics. We can incorporate these into the website also.

Great suggestion.