yaLINK prioritization

I’d like to open discussions here on the state of the yaLINK vault.

The yield is embarrassing, to be frank. I presume that the only reason it hasn’t been emptied is either because of neglect, complacency, withdrawal fees exceeding profits.

In Reddit, there was a small discussion with some idea put forth. So I thought I would relay them here for a more formal addressing.

Why not switch it over to the 3pool strategy or something. I’m not an expert on the flows of the different strategy, but I’m sure that someone can chime in with ideas.

In the Reddit, I presented the yield on the centralized lending platform Celsius as a comparison of what we should be aiming to beat. This was met with accusations of the centralized platforms being labeled Ponzi or not self sustainable. Truth or not, they are giving LiNK holders better yield than most everywhere else. And yield is yield. It is apparent that that platform has staying power and is not a rugpull.

I don’t think yearn vaults can even interact with CenLenders because of KYC. Furthermore, they tend to have degrading yields when amounts that are too large are deposited, but I think it’s worth considering a small portion of LINK being held on that platform. They also yield weekly.

Now I don’t think a CenLender is the best way forward and I expect this idea to be met with “hesitation”, to put it mildly, by I do think that the yaLINK vault really needs some maintenance.

Perhaps it’s mostly an issue of prioritization, and the vaults with the largest TVL need to be at the top of the list. But I think the vault with the worst yield should also be of some priority.

FD. I hold some yaLINK. But I also hold other yVAULTS


Basically every vault is in wait and see mode until the revamped governance and vaults contracts are finalized. Also, we are still waiting on stablecredit, single-sdied AMM, synthetic rebased dollars, etc. So it is hard to get anything done until we come out of this lull in governance. We are also waiting on on-chain voting. So, all I can say is be very patient because this is not going to be addressed anytime soon.


What was the yield when you saw it? There was a function called within the last 24 hours, and now the annualized yield is around 25%.

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Yes i noticed it today, but is was sub 1% at that time of writing.

I would check your account here https://yvault-roi.netlify.app this will give you an accurate apy for the time you’ve been in the vault.


Thanks Dark.

I think this is great.

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what’s the reason for this sudden increase in yaLINK APY? is it sustainable?

Yields move around a lot so you should never take a daily or weekly APY as being sustainable. It all comes down to how the smart contract is allocating capital.

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