Need a little help: Measuring/Viewing my ROI

Hey guys,

Im trying to figure out my ROI and cant seem to get a clear grasp on it, would be great to get some help and maybe a formula to figure it out.

Deposited 10,000 USDC to
Deposited LP Tokens to LP Vault (91% ROI)

Screen Shows:
8,863.53 yUSD
(9,529.42 yCRV)

How do I figure out my CURRENT USDC value?
How do I see my ROI and profit since the first deposit?

Really appreciate the help so thank you in advance

Try looking at

Legend thanks man, that was helpful.

Looking forward to interfaces that make it a little easier to follow.

Looking at the historical returns would I be correct in assuming that the more that is in the vault the lower the ROI becomes?