How $YFI Works (Explainer Video)

Hey fellow farmers,

I made a little video explaining how $YFI works. Would love your input and further suggestions :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this video. Very helpful and demystifying for noobs like me! Also, I am a visual learner, so your doodling and notes were just what I needed. Appreciate you sir!

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Fantastic breakdown.

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Thank you for making this. I was trying to explain $YFI to a friend and sending him this video will definitely help :smiley:

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What is this drawing tool, which you are using?

Thanks for the comprehensive explanation video. One thing itโ€™s not covered is the relationship of FYI with Balancer pool. I was wondering how they fit together.

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I honestly understood this video better after I learned how Curve works through your earlier video, great work on both!


this was a great video. easy to follow. can you please do a second part where we go step by step on how to deposit and stake.
Is it me or right now stake is disable?


Dear valued reader,

Could someone please explain a concept for me. What is the difference between depositing USDc in the EARN vs. Vault tab at the [] site.

Also, what is the difference between the APY seen on [] vs the interest seen on the the EARN tab at [yearn,fi]

I would really appreciate if a kind soul could answer these questions, alternatively point me in the direction of information.


there are two great new videos highly recommended:

  1. Defi Dad

  2. The second part from Defiโ€™s Bitcoin

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appreciate the video

Truly helpful and insightful for those embarking on their YFI journey - highly recommend and hope the views pour in! Cheers