Can't Stake Tokens?

I was able to deposit USDC in the curve site, for tokens, but I did not have the stake option show up anywhere.

I tried to the curve tokens in the V1 Yearn pool, but the Stake button is not clickable, while the remaining three: Claim, Unstake, Exit, is.

  1. I tried two different wallets. Argent & Metamask, and the Stake button is non-clickable.

  2. I have .7 ETH so it’s not a shortage of GAS.

  3. I tried Chrome and Brave browser and it’s still not clickable.

I searched and rewatched all the basic videos but no one covers this detail of why the stake button is not clickable, even when the tokens are available.

There has to be a simple explanation that I’m overlooking. Hope someone can shed some light on this issue that I’ve been stuck on for days.

so you’ve got yCRV (yDAI/yUSDC/yUSDT/yTUSD), right?

if you want to deposit those into a yearn vault, go here:

Otherwise, I’m not sure what you’re asking

Hi Dude, but I should be able to stake here but the option is not available, thanks in advance for your help.

So upon reading your first comment more closely, I can see this is the old interface for staking and earning YFI– this ended weeks ago. You cannot earn anymore YFI via staking yCRV. So yeah, this is the simple explanation you thought you were missing lol.

If you want to earn on your yCRV tokens with yearn, use If you’re trying to stake YFI for governance, use

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Thanks so much Dude!!! :slight_smile:

Dude, you’re the man! I think a lot of people got stuck here because everyone’s following the old tutorials and there’s not much info explaining that online. I was able to deposit to stake it in Vaults as you recommended. But, my initial goal was to earn YFI, so what is the new method to earn YFI if we can’t earn it with yCRV anymore?

Really appreciate the community support.


Just chiming in here, if you are still on the old v1-portal, have a look here on the following thread, which details how you can stake on the YFI Yearn Governance V2 pool.

Both ways work equally well, depending on what you’d like to achieve. Governance pool

If you are left wanting; whether to stake and register on the voting portal, which lets you vote on proposals using the YFI governance token, or simply lock into a vault instead, using particular vault strategies to earn Yearn.

YFI farming has ended. The only way to get it is to buy it on an exchange.

So you can technically earn more YFI using the YFI vault (brand new) but the yield is very low. There are lots of discussions around this, and realistically I imagine the yearn YFI vault will soon become the governance portal, but that will need to be decided by a vote.

so in this case am I going to getting payed or do I have to move my funds from the right balance to thr left? Gosh it’s so complicated :sweat_smile:

Yes you are getting paid. When you eventually click to withdraw tokens you will get more $value than you originally put in. What I want to know is if there is any way to track this increasing value prior to withdrawing?

yeah I use for this– just connect your wallet and it will tell you the balance in $USD in yearn and the vaults

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You hold a constant amount of yUSD that was generated when you deposited your yCRV. As the vault generates capital, it deposits it back into the vault in the form of yCRV– so now when you want to withdraw your yCRV, there is more yCRV in the pool than previously, so your yUSD corresponds to a larger amount of yCRV– yUSD is basically you holding a percentage of the yCRV pool. As the pool increases, the worth of your yUSD increases.

I always thought the numbers on only tell you what your initial contribution was worth (as opposed to what the current value of your yUSD is)? So if im staking 1k in the pool, zapper would tell me that I have 1k originally in this pool but not how much rewards/profit I’ve accumulated. Am I wrong here?

The “balance” on zapper is your yUSD, which doesn’t change, but the dollar value will go up over time.

That makes perfect sense actually. Thanks for clarifying!

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So I’ve been watching the value go up over time the last few days but today it suddenly went down. Is this supposed to happen?

The value of your vault holdings? Yes, value of your vault generally only goes up.

Which vault are you using? yUSD? And are you viewing it on zapper?

yes I’m using zapper. Using the ycurve vault and holding yusd. Earlier this morning value was 10,120 (for example) and now its down to 10,060. First time its gone down since i started watching it.

I had this happen to me as well.

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