Newbie question

Hi, its my first time staking, through zapper. fi i staken on the y curve pool. I wanted to take out whats staked so i pressed unstake and then i find the yDAI+yUSDC… tokens in my metamask. On the zapper. fi Y Curve pool i have the withdraw option but i cannot take or add anything. I want to restake half and take out the rest but the only button i can press on ygov. finance is claim and exit. Are my tokens staked? Why on zapper. fi i only have the withdraw/add option and cant restake?

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You should ask on the telegram channel for better help.

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Yeah, i did, nothing yet.

On the curve pool page,

there should be deposit and withdraw options(at the top of the page). That should allow you to add and remove from the ycrv pool.

Also a side note,
Whenever I press a button on any of the defi website UI, I usually cross check on ethscan to see if my actions have triggered a corresponding transaction on my address, some times nothing happens because of UI glitch. In that case I just redo the action. Hope this helps. Welcome to the community!