I built a yearn Vault ROI Calculator

Hey guys,
I built a yearn Vault ROI Calculator, check it out here: https://yearn-roi.xyz/

Let me know what you think :v:


Wow, really cool and love the simplicity after using it for a bit!

A few thoughts (feel free to ignore):

  • I know you put this in the FAQ, but I would define “HPD” on the main page. Maybe something that softly defines it if I hover over “HPD.”
  • It would also be really cool if below it you could add a table of the % gain per day that one could copy or export.
  • Add a drop down to “Based on last” and “Horizon” for a custom date/range.

I like it!

One UI change I would do since it confused me:
Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 7.03.37 AM

This looks like ROI is clickable and FAQ is not when the opposite is correct.

I jst explore it. it looks fine

Hey @Matternhorn and @macarse
sorry for the late reply. Had to sleep off the hangover from the release party :wink:

Changed and deployed the quick ones (link color, HPD label on the graph) and put the other suggestions on the roadmap in the README.

I appreciate you taking the time to look at the site and give me feedback!