simple insights into Yearn investments

Hey everyone.

I have build a simple, free tool that offers Yearn investors quick and easy insights into their investments: Mainly built this for my own needs, but it might be helpful for others as well. Built this as a PWA, as I like my stuff to work well on mobile (“Add to Homescreen” to save as standalone app).

I’ll be adding more vaults in the coming days. If any specific high TVL vaults are missing, please let me know and I’ll add those first.

If there’s interest and some good feedback, I might develop this further.


Very cool app! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the yearn vaults on it. If you have any questions about the yearn api/sdk feel free to reach out.

Cheers! Learning as I go :slight_smile:

Remaining vaults will be added this week. Will also be improving the presentation of returns; whereas now it’s showing the returns in terms of the underlying vault asset, which isn’t ideal. Especially for Curve vaults, this tends to be a bit confusing, planning to have it show returns in terms of either fiat (for Curve stable vaults). Next step would be to have the user their own currency to present the returns in.

Also got plans to do a simple view of all vaults and their true historic returns. Less of a priority that last one.

So far, not running into any issues with Yearn but if anything comes up, will definitely reach out. Thanks!

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