Website Update—v2.2 is live

You can find our newest release of Yearn’s website now live at

Some recent updates include:

  • ETH and WETH v2 vaults added.
  • Zaps to migrate funds from v1 USDC, DAI, and WETH/ETH vaults to their v2 counterpart.
  • Updated APY calculations for all vaults, including real-time calculations for Curve vaults, one-week calculations for most other vaults, and Net and Gross APY for all vaults. Additionally, Curve vaults show a detailed breakdown of Pool APY, Boost, Base CRV APR, and Rewards Pool APR (if applicable).
  • A detailed fee breakdown is shown on hover over the vault version.
  • Total Assets updated to show dollar value by default, as well as base asset value and deposit limit (if present) shown on hover.
  • Minor UI and UX tweaks (background, fonts, menu, etc)

Please feel free to send me any feedback, and as always, if you’d like to help in any way just reach out! We’ve still got a lot more on the way. :slight_smile:


What is the v2 ETH strategy and projected APY?


It’s currently using Gen Lender, which right now is lending to v1 Alpha Homora at about 8%. However, we will be attaching two new strategies to it very soon (Compound and Curve-based) that will greatly increase that number :slight_smile:


Also, just wanted to provide an update—for now, we’ve removed the migration button from our UI. Although the migration works correctly, we are waiting to turn off withdrawal fees until we can safely unwind the strategies to ensure that users don’t experience any issues withdrawing.

We’ll add the migration button back to the UI in a few days once the strategies have returned their funds to the vault and we can turn off the withdrawal fee. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it will mean a much cheaper migration!


Hi @dudesahn , thanks for the update. Can you confirm the Net APY display on the UX means net of the 2%/20% fee structure?


Yes, net apy is after fees. The apy shown on the main page is gross apy and you can hover over it for a breakdown of where the yield comes from. Most vaults report weekly annualized yield, though a vault will default to month if weekly is less reliable. Also, If you hover over the vault version you can see the fees as well for that specific vault.


Super, thanks for confirming, very helpful!


May I ask you when users will be able to see their perso al ongoing APY on the v2?


You can see the APY on our site, as for what yield you have gain this is something that we will roll out in v3 for the website update. Hopefully it will be out soon. We know this is a feature many people want and are working on it.


Thank you very much Dark. Does this mean, that it will be necessary to migrate to a v3 from the v2 in which currently my tokens are deposited?


Sorry I mean version 3 of the website this isn’t for vaults so nothing to migrate.


Thank you guys! Very friendly team. Is there an idea about when the update will be ready?


Very interesting i must confess.


Expect to see something from us within the next month :slight_smile:


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