yDAI APR over 6000%?


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I use https://stats.finance/yearn to monitor the yield in the various yaults and in general I’ve found it to be pretty accurate but as of this morning it is showing a yield on the yDAI vault of over 6000% which, presumably, is incorrect? If so does anyone know why this might be and if there’s anything that can be done to fix it?

I’m sure a lot of our investors invest based on these yield monitoring sites, myself includes.

Many thanks for anyone who can enlighten me,


I always see APY on yearn.finance.

Maybe a bug?

This other website is reporting a more normal %

Could be but I don’t think that link has been updated for a couple of days/the DAI strategy change.

This is the other source I use which also shows the same as my previous link (e.g. sky high APR): https://yieldfarming.info/yearn/yvault/

Maybe it’s something about the new strategy and how that pulls through.

I found the reason, it’s because of the new yETH vault strategy using DAI
Check this tweet


Ah, hence the timing of this popping up now I guess. Do you mind explaining to me how that causes the issue? One thing is clear for sure, the APY coming through certainly isn’t 8000%!

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