Vault APY Preformance

Anyone know how to see how your yUSDC is preforming?

Currently you can’t as it’s in the testing process and they don’t want to attract to much capital. You could estimate it yourself by just checking the current strategy and seeing what it would yeild. A day ago or so they tweeted out it hit a max apt of 40 something percent. But it will probably be decreasing over the next few days.


Calculated it to be 65% over last 24 hours after a withdrawal. put it at 49.5% 24 hours ago on one of their tweets.

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Thanks guys, I did the calculation and based on my deposit and current potential withdraw amount it was over 60% apy.

Do we know what the weekly strategy rewards are? More YFI once proposal is approved?

What do people think of the withdrawal fee? (from pov of the vault not YFI value accrual)

The vault wasn’t bad.