Return in YFI vault

Deposited some YFI into YFI vault a month ago, and withdrew today. My calculation below works out at making 4% return. All that time the return on vault showed 35%. As it stands I lost about 50 bucks on this transaction if costs included.

10/03/2021 YFI 0,16103 Deposit

10/04/2021 YFI 0,161691 Withdrawal

Profit 0,000661
Return 0,41%
Anualised 4,83%

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I the crazy fees that banks and agents charge are the reason I supported Crypto after the 2009 meltdown. A decade later. I find crypto, especially Eth has done nothing more than changed the actors but the play is the same.

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I’m curious about this as well. Could someone please explain?

Obviously everybody is too busy selfpromoting on twitter to reply to this

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Hey @swag63! Remember that the growth shown is a past value. It’s a number to give you an idea of how the return was during the past.

Nevertheless, I wanted to find your deposit and withdrawal to check if there was any issue, and I couldn’t. Can you share your address (in private if you want), so I can check it out?


Sure please check 0xC97A9221221Aae7Fc815AeaE1480079F59c833AD

I’ve checked that wallet’s transactions. I see that a deposit was made on March 16th, and the amount deposited was 0.16 YFI. On April 10th, 0.161691239022620374 YFI were withdrawn.

Profit: 0.001691239022620374
Return: 1.057 %
APR: ~15.43%

To get the APR I divided your return by 25 days and multiplied by 365. That doesn’t take into account the compounding.

Do you agree with this? Am I missing anything? Below you have the links to the transactions I mentioned.



@swag63 Some recomendations for Layer 1 ETH:

  • Wait until gas is cheaper. → Your Deposit was with (216 Gwei) x gas. Withdrawal was ok gwei
  • Research better where you allocate → That way you will have the conviction and can stay longer in the vaults.
  • Have some estimation on how much it costs to enter. You can ask around or check other txs. → this will help you know the minimum amount/time to be in the vault.
  • Try to avoid personal attacks. This is not for L1 but for life in general.

Thank you for looking into this on my behalf as well.

I’m curious if there’s any way to tell how much you’ve actually earned before you withdraw YFI from the vault? Currently, whenever I go to withdraw my YFI, it shows the exact same amount on the dashboard that I deposited (up to 2 decimal points).

I’m not looking to withdraw my deposit - just trying to confirm my earnings.

Thanks in advance.


You can use etherscan. Use the read contract to check your balance and price per share.

Use 15. balance to know your exact balance and multiply that by 4. pricePerShare. That will give you the current amount of YFI you have in the vault.


You’re awesome. Thank you for this!

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Thank you for the reply which does nothing to explain why 35% rate displayed does not correspond to the amount I got when withdrawing.

Please look below at autofarm screenshot and how it looks when done professionally.

I wonder why a company with 1.5 billion in TVL is unable to produce something similar instead of providing confusing and misleading information on badly designed front page

As I told you, the growth percentage shown is past earnings. There is no accurate way to predict the future.

We are not a company, we are a group of contributors working together towards the same goal. We encourage defying the status quo.

I personally don’t understand the screenshot you posted. But I invite you to collaborate if you see that something can be improved. This is the UI repo: Yearn Finance UI


I find that the way of addressing things in our community should be different. I feel sorry for fameal, who provided for clear and exhaustive information. Nevertheless, there is an issue with transaprency of our vaults. We should definitely work to improve our front page in order to have all the relevant and up-to-date indications for our investors


I deposited 23 days ago and just did the math up to today (still in the vault) and it shows 32.75% annualized return.

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Why is price per share denominated in different units of ETH?

I am not a programmer, but am sure showing more information on the vaults page and at least the amount of tokens an investor is holding in the vault currently is pretty easy to implement.

@Eagle and @swag63 what kind of information would be useful? The balance of tokens, you can see it on your wallet. The deposited balance, you can see it in the deposited column.

On top of that, if you position your cursor on top of the growth percentage, you get the details. I took a Curve LP vault that has a lot of information (see screenshot below). The others are not that complex and show net and gross values only.

What kind of information would you like to see?

I don’t understand the question. Price per share is denominated with 18 decimals.

Thank you @saltyfacu. In my opinion, it would be useful to have the indication about the generated yield. Not only the percentage, but the token reward tat the user has generated through the deposit / that the user would obtain in case of withdraw. In this way, I think that our interface would be more user-friendly