Nob question: why can't we get a better apy for the yfi vault?

I don’t get it, even the sbtc vault gets now 35% apy, is it not possible to get such apy with a YFI vault? I don’t want to invest using USDT or BTC, I would like to have my YFI having the best returns in the yearn vaults. This would be the best marketing for the and YFI tokens.

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You can’t just wait for the same numbers for one coin and for another completely different. The new sBTC is following the same strategy that the yCRV vault using curve liquidity pool. The obvious answer is that there aren’t much safe platforms accepting YFI as stake so there aren’t much valid strategies for the YFI vault right now.


Can I withdraw my yyfi from vault and still have my initial YFI untouched in the vault? Then use the yyfi to turn into YFI to stake or deposit into yvault again? Cant find an answer.

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