Yearn yDAI vault lower yields and displayed

I have roughly 16000 dai invested in yDAI at an interest rate of 25.95% according to the dashboard. The rate has been displayed around this value consistently for four past days.

However I have only received a total of nearly ~ 19 DAI over the course of 4 days, which is much less than the expected 25% which would amount to 11 dai per day (what i am currently receiving is more like 10%).

Why am I seeing lower returns, while a friend who is currently also invested is claiming to see the expected returns?

Any help/explanation would be much appreciated.


You can ask in the Yearn Telegram Chat or in our Discord #support for help. This forum is for governance discussion and not user support.

To be clear the APY on is as follows for our DAI Vault.
1 Week 10.50% APY, 1 Month 11.66% APY, Since Inception 37.60% APY.