DAI V1Vault negative interest


I logged in to yearn finance today to check the status of my vault
I have deposited and amount of DAI to the DAI V1 vault long ago

When I logged in today I noticed that the interest rate for the specific vault is -404.24%
My balance of DAI has been reduced by 25%
This is extremely stressful and frustrating
Can please someone explain to me what happened?

This happened:

Thanks for the reply. Do you know if the lost funds will be returned ?

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I don’t know. It’s up to the team to decide if they’ll cover the losses or not. Wait until we know more about what exactly happened, and how.

HI can anyone please give an update regarding the above?

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This is so much frustrating! We all see and hear the potential of defi , but how can defi be adapted when we have incidents like this?
If you ask me every single time i involved with defi i got burned!
I provided liquidity into pools i lost due to IL (which very much became PL=permanent loss) as opposed to just hold my assets
I tried to yield farm and the gas fees i paid was more than the yield i received
I deposited my hard earned funds into what was supposed to be a relative safe investment into the flagship of yield aggregators (yearn finance DAI v1 pool) and got hacked and now i suffer losses there too!
Sadly I regret the moment i started to learn and involve with this defi space!
Really is there anyone here to inform what will be done with our lost funds , cause if that is the “future” of finance then it’s no better than the past to say the least!!


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