GUSD Vault - Wrong rate

Hi guys,

I saw this morning that the interest rate of the GUSD was above 2k% so I jumped in.

6 hours later I have just earned 0.01 GUSD instead of many more.

Does anybody here has an information about what is the real interest rate on GUSD or if there is a bug preventing interests to accrue ?

Thanks !

See this Tweet for an explanation:

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Thank you, I saw it but I did not think that there was a link between the decimals during withdrawals and the interests.

Have a good evening !

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The interest accrued is not affected, but rather the APY calculation is affected.

Since the share price was massively boosted by the bugged withdrawal, the yVault sees it as a much higher APY than it actually is.

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Any idea what the real APY actually is?

Currently 0, as there are no funds in the strategy due to slippage issue when depositing into the pool

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hmmm- when i connect my wallet, it is showing that I have funds in the GUSD vault. Where did those funds go if hey are not in the vault?

there is a difference between in the vault, and in the strategy.

vault is just deposited, but in the strategy means your funds are out earning money

Ah, ok, thank you! Much appreciated.