Yearn aLink VAULT -- seeing only 32% APR

Hi all … been using the aLink Vault … watching the ROI daily … so far I am only seeing 32.7% ROI (annualized) (or less, depending on the day) … which is not anywhere near the 58% ROI the site has calculated as observed ROI to date.

Am I missing something? Anyone else experiencing this?

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Haven’t played with it yet but best to cc @ChainLinkGod

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Agree @chainlinkgod is fantastic, follow him on twitter, huge wealth of info – learned a lot from him. Would love your perspective on this CLG.

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I believe the problem is that it makes some kind of averages over the week, not displaying the current APY because it’s quite unstable. You can keep the track of the conversion value yaLINK/aLINK reading directly the contract. Also, here you can check how often the deployer interacts with the controller and perform the buys of LINK with USDC that are supplied again into aave.

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Thanks – I’ll look into all of that – and I had suspected that perhaps some of the yield came on a WEEKLY schedule, as you suggest – so I’ll keep watching and update this thread once I’ve had a week’s worth of experience with it.

I think I know what’s going on with this now.

I am ONLY seeing the $aLINK ROI on the Vault counter, which is why it seems so low.

The remaining ROI from other sources – transaction fees, governance tokens – all of that is only visible when I WITHDRAW from the Vault.

So the current UI is a little misleading in that sense.

Hey Mark,

Where are you seeing the Vault counter to calculate your rewards? Is it the page?

I’m also trying to re-calculate the rewards/ROI but unable to find the landing page to actually see the accumulation of the accrued yalink


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I am looking at

Specifically, this part: