Interested in building an app to calculate the vault APYs


Huge yearn fan and I want to help out. I’m a dev and interested in building an app to calculate APY for the vaults.

Ive had a really hard time seeing what the daily, weekly, and yearly apy is for vaults. Maybe there’s an easy way to see the apy already and I haven’t found it, but I’m not aware.

How would I go about calculating apy for a vault? What would the equation be and where would I pull the data from the smart contract?

I’m familiar with eth development, just need some slight nudges in a direction.


just found this:


Amazing. Just what I was looking for!

This doesn’t make sense though. How can two strategies utilizing mStable be producing different results?
mStable only have one savings account for all the assets:

They should be the same APY.

USDC pool is not fully utilised currently (67%). No idea why. I guess the Mstable protocol is short on TUSD and has too much USDC currently.

But I thought the muSDC pool was also utilizing the balancer liquidity mining pool of mStable.

BTW: Does the APY number of the yvault include curve trading fees? Or just YFII mining + ycurve interest returns?

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Does anyone know who made this and is the code open source?

Happy to start a new os project so it’s more transparent.

Anyone want to join?

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Thank you for the link!

Also seems odd that aLINK APY (65%) is double the LINK APY (29%). If this was the case wouldn’t the first part of the strategy be to deposit the LINK in Aave? What am I missing?

It costs over $20 to deposit LINK in Aave to get aLINK at the moment so it would be good to get an idea if this is worth doing or if depositing LINK is more cost effective.

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Yes. would love to join on that.