Community financed yETH liquidation protection

Who wants to build a small community run yETH liquidation Saver with me? It will automatically monitor the health of the yETH CDP and repays the debt if necessary? Need a React Dev, will provide the rest 1, 2 days tops dm me

React Dev needs to: 1) Build a UI which shows the current collateralization ratio of the yETH Vault, how much is in it and how much debt it has, when it needs to be saved and when it will be liquidated, 2) a metamask button to log into web3 and 3) a button “Donate ETH to liquidation protection” Button where users can input how much eth they want to donate to the bots that will monitor the health of the CDP.

Basically yETH users pool ETH, which will exclusively be used to cover the transaction fees of wiping debt of the yETH vault. I’ll take care if the backend stuff using Gelato as the bot infrastructure