Proposal : Create a waitlist for people looking to invest in Yeth Vault


Create a Waitlist for People looking to invest in Yeth Vault


Interested investors may be annoyed or forget about the Yeth vault if it is full when they hear about it. This is crypto and attention spans are short.
The MKR debt ceiling is not going away any time soon, we are going to keep bumping into this along the runway.
This also adds another layer of control to the Vault

The debt ceiling was raised and is not the reason the Vault was Closed.
It is the issue of DAI shortage on Curve that’s causing the pools to close.

And generally against the principle of a waiting list, which inevitably becomes staking when you need to catch griefers.


I agree a waiting list would be nice. I just invested in ETH (right before the crash haha) and wasn’t too worried knowing I’d have the amazing opportunity to play the ETH vault once my deposit cleared. Thanks to Coinbase taking forever, now I feel as though I’ve lost the opportunity! I may have to convert my investment and just play DAI, but hoping I can find more info on when the ETH vault will be open again.

I dont think there is a good way to implement this. I think it has good intentions but its a bad idea.