MKR in Treasury

Imo the Treasury should hold some MKR to have voting power in MakerDAO proposals. This would help us vote in favour of proposals that would be beneficial to Yearn’s vault designs.

An example would be when Dai price skyrockets and yETH vault needs to pay back Dai to have enough collateral in Maker Vaults.
We have protection via OSM and offloading position every 5 minutes, etc. but in the event of a black swan if Dai goes to 1.1 or 1.15, the expense would be from the profit of yETH holders.

This would also kind of show a nice gesture to MakerDAO if Yearn’s treasury holds MKR. And ofcourse we don’t buy all MKR at once, we accumulate a bit every week or two or so.

An alternative would be an insurance fund that keeps accumulating Dai every week or so.


Strongly strongly against holding MKR. Their token is a cartel of oligopoly of VC whales and they cannot even produce revenue as they have no long term sustainable cash flow model in their protocol. We would never been able to compete with the whales, and that capital we’d use to buy their bags to get a vote would be much better spent elsewhere, or distributed instead to YFI holders.