Create a Yearn treasury with 10 million in stablecoins/dai for investment

I think yearn should have an investment treasury starting between 5 - 10 million in stablecoins/dai that is used by the main devs for investment. This would be separate to to 500k needed for gas etc. With this war chest the team can deploy the capital to earn high yields depending on votes from the community. The DAI vault alone on yearn delivers 80%. Over time this money could grow significantly. The money in yearn treasury would belong to YFI holders but over the years this could grow to 10’s if not 100’s of millions of dollars. I have listed the main reasons I think we need this

  • Huge current yields the team can take advantage of to grow the treasury beyond the capital
  • The treasury will add value to holding YFI
  • Any new opportunity the devs or team discovers the money can be rapidly deployed in a smart contract to take advantage of
  • In time the money could be deployed to anything the community desires from liquidity provision, farming, running nodes that pay well but need large capital to own. Literally anything the community thinks up to grow the treasury
  • Important to have for a rainy day event or the inevitable companies coming in with lots of wealth but low talent. We may need this capital to protect contracts in the future or not be bullied out of opportunities by very deep pockets. Also new forks or copy cat protocols would not have this large amount of money. Theres much more benefit to this and little downside. Ultimately the YFI holders can vote to give it all out as a dividend. The treasury could build up large holdings in Bitcoin (renbtc) etc for use. Anything people can imagine.

There would be much discussion around how to deploy this etc but I think the first item would be to agree to build up yearn treasury by sellling assests such as CRV or generating it from minor fees

We need more backed stablecoin stability without peg to add in yearn treasury.
A reflex bond’s purpose is not to maintain a specific peg but to dampen the volatility of its collateral. Bonds allow anyone to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market without the same scale of risk as holding real crypto assets. I believe RAI, a first reflex bond, will have immediate utility to other teams issuing synthetics on Ethereum … because it gives their systems a lower exposure to volatile assets such as ETH and offers users more time to exit their positions in case of a significant market drop.
In the years ahead, then, RAI has a real chance to become a force to be reckoned with in the DeFi space, namely as a very reliable collateral type for lending projects like Maker, Compound, and Aave.
In the meantime, what matters is tracking how RAI performs in the wild. Can stablecoin without a direct peg bring real stability to DeFi?
Only time will tell, but many are watching.