yEarn Swags - Show Your Pride and Grab a Hoodie

Have been working together with my designer buddy to come up with some slick swags for yEarn. There are 5 different designs in the store (for now). Here are my favorites!

300x300 300x300

Store Link: yEarn Swag Store
15% Coupon: YFI_WAIFUS → First come first serve

Welcome any suggestion and feedback!


  • 80% of the profit will be used to buy and pump $YFI
  • 20% of the profit will be used to fund yEarn development (whenever gitcoin / grant available)

@Substreight and Robert from Compound for “Deeply Broken” and “Unnecessarily Complicated” design idea!


You are the third community member to come up with a design / apparel line. Honestly amazing to see such dedication!

I may have to grab one within the next week, hard to decide who to go with.

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Grab whichever design that fits your personality, so that you can wear with pride :slight_smile:

Would be really cool for a future hoodie design to have an image of a anime waifu chic

Still waiting for flat white hoodie with black logo on it. Can we get one?


@milkyklim this one is made especially for you

300x300 300x300
yEarn Swags - Clean Logo Apparels

@filthypandakins and for you sir

300x300 300x300
yEarn Swags - Waifus Product


Smashed buy on the white hoodie the second I woke up :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the support! I haven’t received payout yet but 30% of the profit has been upfront to More to come!!

T-shirt is nice, how to get one?

There is a link to the store below the image.

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