Proposal: Cleaning up and enhance the site design and experience


The current site is pretty simple and straightforward. But it still has things to clean up and upgrade in terms of visually and functionally. Here I propose some updates on design - just one pager for now-. If things looking worth to move forward, I can look into it deeper with some help from leaderships - needs a bit more info/knowledge for the capability.

Most likely simple clean up and navigation UX update while keeping current yearn’s visual identities. I can eventually look into governance pages and etc as well since it is very unfriendly to light cryptocurrency users like myself.

Me keep looking into this design concept.

Not worth going deeper with this concept.



FYI, there’s been a new UX thread going for a while here: Proposal: New Site UX V2, and it looks like Azeem is pretty close to being through with his redesign. I’m not sure how/if it’s going to be implemented, as we’ve seen several changes on the site in the past few days, but I would maybe hold off on working too hard yet until you see where that settles.