Proposal: UI Improvements

Hi everyone

I thought I would spend a bit of time considering an integrated approach to the various journeys, from the perspective of user experience and messaging. As early as these few slides are, I wanted to put this out there to gage if this work would be desired or not. Feedback is of course welcome.

If desired, I will continue to re-produce all currently known journeys, finally ending with a design prototype to explore micro-interactions and behavioural enhancements.

If this is not desired, no worries, it’s been fun all the same.



The designs look great. Keep going!

Very nice. :dizzy: Keep going!

great, keep shipping!

Love the simple design. Comments on the proposal page. It’s more useful to see the percentage for/against rather than just raw number. Also even better if you can include whether quorum has been met.


Thanks for your comment. I’ve progressed from these designs, but will ensure I capture your comment. I’m just waiting on confirmation of terms for a licence I’ve purchased and then I’ll be able to share more work done to date and update in real time. Both mobile and desktop. :blush: Hoping to share the link here in the next day or so.

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Can we able to develop UI like how matcha exchange, status app and Synthetix look like with full of colours and smooth functioning ?

Hi Satish,

I’m afraid I am not an engineer, I’m a Product Designer, but ultimately what you’re asking all comes down to documentation. I intend to work my way through all known journeys in flat design format, before I undertake prototypes to illustrate behavioural intent. Hopefully this will be enough to excite the community and a few ‘Wizards’ to might step forwards to help us make it come to life.

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Hi everyone, I have purchased a licence that will allow me to add, edit and share designs in near real time. You may view the latest here:

It would be wonderful to get some guidance from some of the more ‘senior’ contributors here, as to how we might vote as a community for or against these designs. I have a stake in YFI, but am doing this for the sheer fun of it.

Although there are only a few slides at this stage, more are on their way - a lot more - I just have to contend with my day job first. I’m more than happy to receive feedback, recommends, comments, etc. to help improve and direct what I’m producing.

At the end of the day, I would love to see these live for us all to enjoy.


Oh! I almost forgot - the licence I’ve purchased allows for up to 50 participants. So if you’re an engineer / developer / front end coder …all real wizards in my eyes and would like to help prototype these slides into life (perhaps once the community has voted on them), please get in touch and I’ll add you to the Zeplin deck, which has all the SVG’s colour pallets, fonts etc.


@iTo As per this comment.

Make proposal button should be disabled/hidden or maybe hard to reach for the user (literally need idiot-proof solution). It should warn user Do you know what you are doing? to reduce misclicks happening way to often.

And thanks for looking into this.


Hi. @milkyklim thanks for your feedback.

I’m currently working through these screens and they’re being uploaded here: as I build them out.
Keep an eye on this space as it will change constantly over the next few days/weeks/months as I progressively move through all aspects of y-Finance.

In regards to voting and proposals (these slides change as the community pivots) but in general I’d like to propose an integrated view which will be layered for mobile. (I am yet to build out mobile slides for voting and proposals, but they will follow soon)

Specifically, I have added a ‘deterrent’ hinted in the current slides. In UX, it’s generally not best practice to deliberately hide or make things difficult, instead:

a. If the objective is getting things right, we’d focus on a clear step by step process to avoid errors.
b. If the objective is to deter would be clutter from unnecessary proposals, we’d implement penalties, which is what I’ve gone for in this instance.

What I haven’t done yet is display the details of the deterrent - revealed when a user clicks on ‘Learn more’. If the community thinks this be an adequate deterrent, perhaps we might discuss the details that would be found under this section. If not, then perhaps alternative suggestions? And we can mock up a few variations.

It be great to find a solution (visually) and then put that forward as a proposal.
Cheers for now.

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Looks amazing! Can we have a dark mode? Also maybe see our reward amount and current apy on the main site too if possible.

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I agree on this part, especially b. Idea was to find a temporary UI/UX solution which can be replaced by stricter on-chain rule.

What’s the problem exactly? This info is available here for now. It is somewhere on the roadmap to have IPFS, so, that full proposal text is stored there.

UPD: Great mock-ups!

great work. Keep going.