Love Letters for Andre


We love and miss Andre. But it seems the most vocal individuals recently are the EMN degens that have taken things too far and sprayed some serious hate at Andre. Let’s let him know how much we love him and still appreciate him below!


Inspired by something Banteg posted on twitter, this community owes Andre so much and we should let him know how much we appreciate his work and efforts not just to the YFI community but the crypto community and the DeFi movement!

Let’s send Andre some love in the thread below for all the hard work and sleepless nights he has endured to create something as beautiful as Yearn.


Allow me to start.

Thank you Andre for all you have contributed. I’m sorry that the EMN degens did not heeded any of your advice and decided to ape into unaudited contracts and have subsequently been equally as idiotic and childish in their post event treatment.

The Yearn community still love you and still love hearing your updates, thoughts and hearing about the cool things you are doing for the DeFi ecosystem.

Keep doing what you’re doing and crushing it!


I think Andre is one of the sharpest minds to ever come to this space. I consider myself an outsider, and his clarity of mind and ability to build are impressive even when you’re outside the DeFi bubble.

Even if Andre never shows up again, I’m grateful for what he inspired and built thus far.


Andre is the Elon Musk of DeFi. Musk had 3 rockets blow up; Andre is still allowed to blow up 2 more smart contracts :slight_smile:

No risk, no reward. We cannot put fear into the minds of great innovators


I appreciate you Andre! (also the whole team.) I’m working on a project with a Fortune 30 company and have been amazed with how fast you guys are shipping things. I wish I had skills to help, but until I get them I’ll just be rooting you guys on!


Keep it up Andre, you are the man!! The work you and the team have done for the yEcosystem is inspirational. Remember, haters gonna hate, and ainter’s gonna ain’t. Thank you sincerely for all you’ve done and for all that is still yet to come :pray:t3:


Hi Andre, I’ve been following along your story and the YFI project since the beginning. You’re truly brilliant and your leadership is something that I’ve admired. I think we’d all be grateful to see you return. Don’t worry for a moment about the haters—anyone putting in more than they can afford to lose isn’t worth listening to. And if people can’t accept the circumstances, it’s their problem—not yours. Hope you’re well and finding some mental space and clarity. I wish you the very best.


The biggest reward for an artist or a creator is to inspire others to create. Andre has achieved that. There is a community, a community that self organizes, a community that defines new strategies, a community the buidls V2 vaults and other products, a community that is growing. This is the best reward, remember that Andre. It is thanks to you.


Andre, I know it’s hard, but everyone always looks for external factors to blame when things go south. You will always get blamed for anything that goes even remotely wrong. The only thing you can do is realize that the silent majority (99.99999% of people who didn’t ape into something they didn’t understand) all back you and appreciate everything you’ve done.

Mental toughness is something that all celebrities need to develop, or else they get PTSD from the haters. I approve of getting off toxic twitter (i’d go as far as to create a different account used just to keep up on crypto news, but not post), reading all those negative comments does nothing productive for you. Just focus on what makes you happy. The real builders know how to reach you.

Stay strong and don’t let the .01% get you down.


I can’t wait for @andre.cronje to come back. I miss his funny and informative posts, updates on yearn, opinions about DeFi protocols and crypto in general, his habit of getting people “ratio’d”…

I always saw him as both a lighthouse and a lifebuoy in this promising and fast-advancing industry. I think the impact he has made and is capable of continuously making will always outweigh any damage vulnerabilities in his smart-contracts may have caused.


All the anger and hate do not represent the Yearn community. There are many of us who care about you and the whole team.

The defi space is relatively new and for the first time it is exposing a very ugly side of some people. We are in a journey and an adventure that we learn along the way and adapt to these new surroundings.

You’ve endured a lot, been patient all the time early this year until you built Yearn’s vision, and proved it’s feasibility. And not only that, you built a community along the way that admires your pragmatism, positivity, and selflessness.

The Yearn team are positioned for a huge positive impact globally. And I hope we keep building this community to become a big family some day.

We love you Andre,
Yearn Community


Andre I want you to know that you are truly 1 in a million and a net positive to the entire space. I can’t say I know what it’s like to be in your shoes but can tell you there’s so many people who admire your efforts, innovation, vision. I want to see yearn keep succeeding and I want Andre on the team in whatever role that may be in future.

I really love the protocol. Reflecting on myself I think I need to put more effort into keeping up with YIPs and voting on them. I feel I can do better in this aspect. I’m happy to be apart of such a great community with a spectacular core team of devs.

I love you Andre :heart:


Andre, I know you don’t hear this enough, because it is always the ones who are upset and short sighted that are the loudest, but keep building. You’re doing a great job. Everything that happened with EMN was their own fault.

Never lose sight of your goal, and don’t let a few greedy bad actors try get you down. Keep up the amazing job man, and please come back to twitter. Your insights are great.



I’ve been in the Ethereum ecosystem from the beginning. My talents are not in high-tech, so I’ve always stayed out on the fringe, investing, learning and studying. Then came YFI. In the years I’ve been in the space, this is the first time I really felt a strong drive to belong to a community and to use all my spare time to contribute anywhere I can. Thank you for innovating and creating a space where others can innovate with you.

I am in awe of your ability to decouple crypto innovation and monetary greed. You are a huge example to me in that respect. Thank you for having standards and sticking to them. Take care of yourself!


Dear Andre,
Looking at these posts you can see that at least half a dozen of them posted for the first time. We probably should be talking to our families but instead many of us are taking the time to write a message on a governance forum to a smart contract developer we’ve never met. There’s something special going on here and you kicked it all off. We might be able to defeat the financial middlemen without you but it would take a lot longer with a much lower probability of success. Ignore the September 2020 Twitter accounts who make 99% of the noise and instead think of all those introverts waiting for your next podcast/Medium article to come out.


This whole EMN thing was a blessing in disguise. Kill all the hype off, cleanse the community of some price obsessed degens and let the focus return to the building of products and long term community.


Andre –

You are one of the most talented and gracious individuals I’ve come across in 25+ years of startup history. I worked in a small 6-person room with Travis Kalanick (founder Uber) for almost two years on his second startup. I’ve raised money from Softbank for my startup with 10M users. And I was CTO of a company funded by Sequoia and with Elon Musk on the board (so I presented to him in person for quarterly board meetings).

So: I’ve seen a lot of stuff, some of it at the highest levels. :slight_smile: And I’m here to tell you: you’re an exceptional human even in that crowd.

Taking punches is part of the ride. It sucks. And people are mean, which also sucks. Many of them are jealous of you, and cruel.

But I implore you to get back up and keep shouldering on. The world needs people like you, desperately. Your character and talent combined are rare. Many of the people I’ve worked with were lacking the character and nature that you have.

So. As a YFI participant from the very beginning, and as a fellow human on earth, I urge you to return to the fight – on your terms, but do return.

This is your moment in the sun – rise to meet it. Make the most of it. I am your fan, I’m here to help in any way I personally can.

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Andre, let us whisper sweet nothings into your ear. You are loved.

I have been tirelessly replying to twitter brats talking smack about EMN and YFI. It brought me down too, because I realized the horrible people that came into the coin. Thk god they haven’t invaded the build community.

I have kept all my YFI and hope to help where I can. Take the break you need, let us know if this helps, and tell us what can be done to help you emotionally as well as team-wise. We all can lean on each other, just as a startup would do in the depths of despair.


I have been involved in the space since 2012 and have seen many projects come and go. To be honest, there were long stretches of time where I had lost hope for crypto. It almost felt like it was the same shit repurposed over and over again. It was as if the invigorating spark ignited by bitcoin when it first launched was slowly getting extinguished over time. The same forces that had made traditional finance such an elitist system was starting to take over crypto as well (I was told that this was just how the world worked and…“either you fit in or get left out”)…it was like watching the same train wreck in slow motion a second time!!

To add to this, 2020 has not been kind to most people in the world. After Covid-19 and the ensuing economic calamity I saw many of my friends loose hope, especially the ones working on non-tech “real world” jobs and businesses. They too felt leftout by an elitist system(in the real world) that was rigged against them.

Given this setting, it was very easy to feel hopeless and disheartened. At this time is when I came across yearn. It was heartening to see that there are still people out there who are willing to make sacrifices because they believed in ideals larger than themselves. It gave me hope, and seeing from the success of the project so far, for many other people as well. That it is possible to build a thriving economic network founded on the principles of fairness and equal oppurtunity. That it doesnt matter where you are from or what you do…you can still be a part of it. With yearn, you managed to build a ideological lighthouse of hope during a pretty dark time!

These days when I talk to my non-tech friends who feel frustrated at the current state of affairs. I tell them that a better system is currently being built…one founded on the principles of fairness, and one where the best ideas thrive no matter who it comes from. I tell them that it is still early days and that it might be many number of years before it becomes really powerful…but I tell them lots of really talented people are working on it!!

The reason I’m able to tell this to my friends ser, is you!

The mission is just getting started and a lot of people out there are waiting…

The world needs YFI…whatever you are doing finish it and get back to what you do best…setting people straight and showing them how its done!

Just know that the yearn family will always back you! Don’t get distracted by the noise.



Just want to say the haters are dumb and loud. We all know people should have personal responsibility for their actions. Do your best to tune them out as they are wrong and not worth listening to. We all appreciate your contributions Andre, and all of yearn team. Let’s keep it positive, have fun, keep building, ignore the babies who can’t take personal responsibility, and keep moving forward.