PROPOSAL: Mint 3000 YFI to compensate Andre for his work


Andre needs to get his for the dirt that he did for the crew. Mint 3000 YFI and stash it over 4 years for King Dre.


To keep him doing the dirty work.


Mint 3000 YFI. Stash it over 4 years, shared monthly, linearly.

Pay up our dues to the King. Mint 3000 YFI, give to Dre over 4 years.

I am a chump.


  1. Andre was donated thousands, he returned it
  2. Andre was given a salary, he turned it down, instead the money went to 3 community mods
  3. The community is dead against minting anymore YFI. And even if we did, Andre would probably return it re: points 1 and 2

Im not against paying Andre, he deserves a pay cheque more than anyone, but this proposal won’t get any backing.

Perhaps a better proposal would be to create one where Andre is forced to come up with a suitable remuneration for himself if the vote passed?


Andre has accepted all YFI we’ve sent him. Because YFI are votes not money.


ahhh, i see. fair play

Let’s vote on this when system counts all your Yfi votes not just the ones in vault when proposing.

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While 3,000 is a nice round number, I would propose that if we were going to mint any YFI (which I’m generally against) we mint the number that has been burned/lost to bring us back up to an even 30,000. According to @learnyearn’s math here, that would be 36.55 YFI. Definitely not the 3,000 for Andre that was proposed, but it still is a decent number of votes and also has the benefit of bringing us back up to the original 30,000 YFI tokens.


Andre has propsed burning YFI minting capability (as you know), but we still have to deal with the fact that YIP 0 passed. Out of respect for that vote, maybe this is a solution, although I suspect additional YFI will be lost in the future.


Using such a big number is going to get push back. But Andre deserves to have a stash of YFI. I would vote for something like this.

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This exactly. I would 100% vote for this.

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I read this meaning Andre would never dump his YFI. Hodl it like Satoshi did. The 3000 would give him a good share of votes.

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If Andre doesn’t necessarily want money and has turned it down in the past, could we create a type of B Share of YFI with no dividends but voting power, and give that to him, instead? On his passing, confirmed by an oracle, it could automatically split to the remainder of the multisig.


Deeply against.
30K is the cap.
We don’t know the future, but this isn’t a reasonable motivation to mint more YFI. Not yet.
Let the man work.
If he want something, we shall discuss it at THAT time.
And I think we should keep some kind of “jurisprudence” topic with all the resolutions we had.
Like a FAQ or something.
It should save us a lot of time on “leveling” our community to a minimum where we all should be able to add more and more complex discussions, situations and proposals.


Not sure how that number was decided but I would vote for giving Andre YFI. Builders should be rewarded and a founder should have significant pull in voting if you ask me. If everyone is super opposed to minting more I’d also support buybacks donated to him or figuring out a way to give him voting power without owning YFI.

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Update: Andre actually proposed to permanently burn the time lock so no more tokens can be minted!


Disagree. No matter how altruistic we try to be, we are just digging a graveyard for ourselves.


I would also vote for what you have described. I hope more discussion surrounding this topic will happen quickly prior to permanently removing the ability to mint YFI. I’d think it would be beneficial for Andre to hold additional governance influence even if it were just 36.55 YFI. A little more skin in the yearn game

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I mean I am all for Andre being compensated for his efforts and genius, but $100 Million seems a bit crazy imo.

If you compare Vitalik’s stash compared to total ETH in circulation it is around 0.35%

100 YFI seems like a good amount imo, but I am sure the community could spit that up and should not be minted on top of the 30K

This is a very uneducated opinion.
Let’s vote on burning the minting keys ASAP so we don’t get this kind of proposals again.

If anything, happy to vote for setting a remuneration just for Andre.


Who has sent Andre Yfi in the past? I never saw the transactions. What address would that be?

Rofl. Andre is an enigma. I would ditch you fools.