Proposal: #1percent4Andre!

I just read a short article about Andre on Decrypt ( it breaks my heart to read that Andre, his hard work enabled this amazing project, doesn’t feel appreciated and is broke. I know we are working on a new economic model that includes funds and compensation for Andre and that’s great. But in the meantime let’s show our love and appreciation for Andre by donating 1% of our YFI holdings to him. Considering the amount of money most people made I don’t think this is a lot to ask.

It accomplishes two things: 1. Andre gets his first payday. 2. By voluntary giving up a piece of our share, we show Andre we care and appreciate his hard work.

I know this is a crazy proposal and I don’t know what’s the best way to approach this…but Andre if you read this, tell me how you’d like to receive it and I will gladly send 1% of my YFI to you.



I can agree to this. Andre makes or breaks this project.

But I get the feeling that it is too early to start with this. Let’s get something reasonable to him immediately. And when we address the inflation issue, we can give a portion of that to Andre.


I assume a lot of YFI holders are not willing to give anything. It’s not just about the money, it is a signal to Andre and to the world. Yearn is run by the community and supported by the community.

Andre - post your public address on twitter please. The community will step up.

And we also need to figure out a compensation plan going forward.


It does seem a bit silly to rush through something for Andre when inflation was put off due to wanting further time for research. I would be happy to contribute personally and I am sure as a community we could raise enough to help solve these problems without resorting to a rushed change in the protocol.

Also I presume decrypt is a reliable source here but I didn’t see anything to back it up on twitter. Am I missing a something?

It’s not about printing YFI to give to Andre (that’s something we still need to figure out). This is just about giving back to Andre out of our personal holdings.

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can someone setup an emergency fund for founder/ Andre. Immediate requirement is to get him out of this debt mess. Further inflation and percentage can be decided later.

Contribute to Andre via gitcoin

I thought it was a little fake but it had actual quotes from Andre.

A one time donation is noble; however, I’d like to really think about a longer-term solution as well.

^ This post, written by Andre, talked about having operational expenses paid out of system rewards. I support this 100%.

I also think we should think about paying Andre a percentage of these rewards as a salary or bonus moving forward, for as long as he is gainfully working as a developer on the effort. This would align our interests as token holders with his.

If that percentage is not enough early on, we can vote to offer an additional subsidy until it gets to a palatable and sustainable level.


If governance would have passed an inflation model and allocated 1k YFI to @andre.cronje and simply moved on, this might not have happened.

I’m sure most YFI holders would agree to this…lets figure out the most optimal way to get this done in the short term.

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Thanks for this and thank you to those honourably donating. Also on the gitcoin grants.

Agree with

However, what we really need is say YFI allocation to Andre built into the inflation model. Can we prioritise this beyond all else? Agree with the numbers in the other post on this on forums.

Andre is the first of course, anyone who contributes to the project should be rewarded correctly, we need a long term fund to support this.

Why doesn’t Andre post a gitcoin grant or use quadratic funding for now until something is passed to give him some income? Does gitcoin funding pay out immediately?