Make Andre Happy Again

How do we make Andre happy again?

We should show him that the community isn’t as toxic as he thinks


We need to create a donation fund and try to get it to 100 YFI. But he’d have to say here publicly that he’d accept the donation, because otherwise if we go through the trouble and he just refunds… :confused:


I want Andre to feel happy and appreciated, and be rewarded. I think he was offered some YFI in a yip or proposal at some point and rejected it though, I can’t seem to find it though so it could be in my head.

Regardless, there should be a YIP to offer him some guccis and just commendations if he doesn’t want it

Edit: Another thing that might be able to happen is for yearn to subsidize, or even fully fund his dev costs for yearn related projects. He shouldn’t be losing money doing this stuff IMO


Agreed, even if he rejected it before that might be different now. He Definitely shouldn’t be out of pocket on development funds for yearn related projects, and there should be some way to include him on more of the upside in YFI.


Andre has a minted “Thank You” yGift, which he publicly stated he was very grateful for. Anyone can tip him YFI there:


Confirming this is legit – you can tip him YFI and also just send him thank you messages there too.


This is a commentary on the below replies rather than the original post. I assume Andre is rather irritated by the voie-vacuum of governance mania. YFI “community” can easily show him how non-cooperative alignment is possible. Maybe, he wants to see a different kind of governance that is non-governance.

I don’t think a tip makes much of a difference, he’s not a waiter or service related job that we are throwing him some coins at like a monkey doing tricks. He’s a builder and a creator and should reap rewards based on what he has/is creating. Clearly its not commensurate so we need to as a community think of how to rectify this.


If venting and ranting helps, please feel free to do it more often. I just want to remind you that what you are building is impacting the whole world positively. And we have learn a lot from you at technical and behavioral level. You’ve taught us how to be radically inclusive, by expanding the surface area of interaction, contribution, and build without a permission or giving a shit.

Thank you Andre, we will always love you :heart:

How to which address?

you tip the ygift directly, see instructions at the top of Recurring Grants via yGift

and make sure to tell Andre on twitter or something so he knows to check.

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Just added my contributions and sent a tweet to andre :slight_smile:

Maybe someone could paint something like, something that’s real and from the heart. And not just money. That would be s’well.

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