Yearn Finance Online Event?

Our baby YFI is nearly 3 months old. To celebrate we should start thinking about an online event to celebrate 6 months (or sooner?). Judging from the popularity of the Yearn strats talk at ETHOnline, which has the most YouTube views, it would be well attended.

Potential Talks

Which ones would you most like to see (apart from 1-4 and 17) if they were available? Please enter the numbers below in the comments!

Is there anyone else you would like to see / hear? It would probably be good to have a discussion panel or two in there too.

If you’ve not seen Doug Molina’s talk at ETHOnline it’s here:


Tokyo 2021 could be difficult the way 2020 is going so let’s consider somewhere more local, like Decentraland (NFTs for attendance of course) or the usual online event.

When is a good date?

January 17th 2021 to celebrate and give plenty of time to organise? Sooner because 3 months is ages away? How can YFI be only 3 months old…

Organiser and Host

Is that you? Would you like to speak or do you have experience in making this kind of event happen? Let’s make it happen then!

Gentle reminder

If you haven’t already don’t forget to finish drafting your love letter for Andre before you go to bed. It doesn’t need to be long, just show him that you care :blush: Love Letters for Andre - #12 by Rockmanr


Yes!! It will be cool if we could make this a VR event!! I will get a vr headset just for this :slight_smile: