Proposal: Andre Cronje appears on the Bankless Podcast

The Bankless Podcast focuses on how to use Ethereum financial tools to take sovereignty over your own wealth.

Many people do not yet understand Yearn and YFI yet.

This is a proposal to bring on Andre Cronje onto the Bankless podcast to discuss the following topics

  • The system that supports the $YFI token
  • How the $YFI token is different from previous DeFi tokens
  • How Governance fits into the $YFI token, and how $YFI Governance is fundamentally different than previous examples of governance.
  • Future roadmap of Yearn and YFI

FOR: Andre Conje appears as a guest on Bankless
AGAINST: Andre Conje does not appear as a guest on Bankless

  • FOR: Andre Conje appears as a guest on Bankless
  • AGAINST: Andre Conje does not appear as a guest on Bankless

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David, this is not a protocol proposal, you can’t enforce Andre to appear on your podcast on-chain. Please reach out to him directly. Moving this to General Chat.


Yeah I understand that this has nothing to do with the protocol, but it seemed like the right place to submit a proposal, as per this tweet:


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Okay, I seem to be out of the loop. Andre says the token owns him, so he’ll do it. I’ve added a forum poll for now, but please don’t post it on chain since we got much more urgent stuff to address.


Agree with @banteg, strongly against this. Andre has more important shit to do than appear on podcasts. Lets stay focussed…

The publicity from this would be good for the protocol from a growth perspective, voted for :+1:

(Would be a great interview also :star_struck:)

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Yes, can’t wait to hear the prodigy speak : )


And I think it’s often useful to hear things from the horses mouth, so to speak. Ryan does an excellent job of translating DeFi in way that the normals can understand.

It only takes an hour of time. And, conversation and deliberation can also help gain perspective. Conversations can help view things from the macro, which can often be lost when dealing with the small details


Don’t you dare delete this thread, this is gold Jerry, gold!

I literally own a portion of Andre Cronje.

(Some limitations may apply. Andre not available in all areas. If you’d like to force Andre to do slave labor in a location near you, please send requests to by staking YFI and participating in our community driven governance.)


Or we can have a burning mechanism just for submitting requests to Andre haha.

I find myself agreeing with David. It takes an hour, and it placates the community. Doesn’t need to be THIS week if Andre is (understandably) swamped. I for one, would love to hear Andre in his own voice.

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Get him on unchained with Laura Shin, Andre is too big time for bankless now.

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The percentage of people that will understand and appreciate what Yearn and Yfi is, is going to come from the Bankless crowd. The Bankless listeners are much more aligned and capable of following along than the listeners on Laura Shin.

Laura Shin won’t ask the right questions either.

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This isn’t mutually exclusive, can always do both podcasts eventually :grin:

Hm, should I close this thread?

Look who is at FTX Podcast: