Working Proposal: Yearn to sponsor Permissionless

Hey, Folks - I’m Ryan Day and I work for Blockworks. We’re an events and media company focused on creating content for crypto investors. We’ve paired up with the folks at The Bankless Podcast (David Hoffman and Ryan Adams) to put together an event that celebrates everything DeFi and the future of the metaverse. With Yearn’s positive experience sponsoring the Bankless Podcast previously, it seems like this could be a great next step.

This event is going to be Permissionless - Permissionless - Blockworks

The largest DeFi event to date, with 5,000 anticipated to attend and held for 3 days in Palm Beach, Florida. This would be happening next May.

Quick disclaimer: As I work at Blockworks, I’d get a commission from the spend on this marketing initiative.

Given Yearn is a top 10 DeFi token and has been working to simplify DeFi for users across different protocols, we were thinking Yearn would be a great sponsor. It would set the tone for the event that we’re going for - which is a celebration for everything DeFi.

There are several different sponsorship tiers, but was thinking that a Ruby sponsorship ($180k USD) or Presenting sponsorship ($500k USD) would line up well for the audience that’s going to be in attendance. I’m completely open to questions and discussing which level would be best - or even just feedback about our event in general.

Specific detailed information on sponsorship options is available here:

Incredibly excited about Yearn in general, but would love the opportunity to help promote and celebrate Yearn surrounded by my 5,000 DeFi-loving friends.


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Thanks for taking the time to evaluate this, folks.

I can read the tea leaves on this one. If there are any notes or feedback you’re willing to share - happy to take that back to our team. We’re building this event for communities like Yearn, so would love your input.

If you’ll be in the Florida region next May, we’d love to have folks attend. It’ll be a great time!

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