Partnership with DappRadar Hub for Yearn projects

Hey everybody,

Quick idea.
Please add a marketing line in the yearn treasury for airdrop events.
For next yearn P.R stunts.
Can we coordinate, punctual airdrops with the dappradar hub,
for next or actuals and futures yearn ecosystem projects
(NFTs, farming rewards, new fair launch tokens, “y” v2 vaults launch, etc.)?
To highlight events (Hype it up) the ones you guys think should be.
@dudesahn , @ejbaraza


What exactly is the idea here? Airdrop some token to a bunch of people who sign up for it?

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Agreed + 2
Correlatively cross bridged with the community and other teams @Trustlessstate , Bankless , :sunglasses: SNX guys.
Great idea @supply-line :slightly_smiling_face: !
That is tactical PR stunts :sushi: :unicorn: :balance_scale:
Dappradar hub teams are perma-bull revampers UI/X and improving users XP since the early days of first dapps.

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