Locked YFI in Uniswap (LOST FUNDS)

we at dollarprotocol.com made an upgrade broke the transfer functions, so our V1 USD is immovable.

The Uniswap Pair (https://uniswap.info/pair/0x485d20e8aac9f7c6a39d05147737487ff4093af4)

holds V1 USD token and YFI. Since users cannot move V1 USD, the YFI is stuck too.

Around 1.08511 YFI is stuck, and this are user funds.

Any way we could get a vote to remint these tokens / burn the old ones?

I’m sorry to hear this. We have had lost or burnt YFI in the past and community sentiment has been overwhelming that we will not mint new YFI when this happens to people, unfortunately. You can reference this thread and this one for more info on this topic.