Lost SNX and YFI in Transfer

Made a simple mistake - transferred vaulted SNX (YVSNX) and YFI (YVYFI) to my Coinbase account receive addresses (SNX and YFI), all holdings were lost in the 2 transactions. Didn’t realize I needed to unstake/unvault my holdings for them to transfer properly. Not a huge loss (~$850 total) but feeling like an idiot and wondering if there’s any recourse or ability to fix this. Any help is appreciated.

Transaction Hashes:

  • 0xe097b47ce5982c25224855c56b5d1d92c35db8b3dca4c0d4bb3149c1d3b75b21
  • 0x0d3024b9b3dc4ef2a87b855d57f3d51c029b149b6f4c01c32ad0f05355c0cc5f
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