Return YFI sent by mistake to the contract?

I would appreciate if we create as community vote to refund people who send YFI by mistake to the contract, I did it myself and I see other people happening to them as well, until when will this stop ?
mistakes happen and to proof to the rest that YFI is better
I hope we can create that vote and we can refund them even manually we do it each ones each month or each 3 months specially copy paste an address or scanning the code mistake can happen on my case,
it was with coinbase i click yfi receive and they show me the code i thought it my wallet code but it was the contract code,
I hope you take this under consideration and let help each other


unfortunately, we are not able to recover funds that are sent to the token contract—it just doesn’t have that functionality.

Is it impossible even in new migrated contract?

it can be possible if the community agreed, bitcoin can be changed if 50% of the community agreed so i take it as the community are selfish and think only about their gain and who ever slip good bye to them

It is impossible to withdraw from smart contracts that aren’t upgradeable and don’t have a function to withdraw funds even if “50% of the community agreed”.

Please educate yourself on how smart contracts function.

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Since we are minting yfi technically we could send yfi back to people who mistakenly sent it to contracts. Would be interesting to know how much yfi had been burned this way. But it would come out of yearn’s treasury if the minting proposal passes.


This is a good idea. It would be nice to help these people out if we have the ability to during the minting

there appear to be 28 returnable transactions where a user accidentally sent YFI to the contract—there are more that came from an exchange, but nothing to do about those since we can’t verify who sent it. probably about 14 total YFI there that could theoretically be sent back to its original sender.

before we refunded any “stuck” YFI I would want to make sure that it wasn’t a scammer who accidentally sent their YFI to the contract, since I know there have been previous examples of scammers doing dumb shit like that lol


I am ready to share anything need from where the money came from and where it was headed, i first bought it from coinbase as eth sent it to metamask then exchange uniswap them try to send back to coibase because at that time coinbase did not list YFI to buy it directly and that was in august


A big fat no. While I think it would be nice, our devs have more important things to focus their limited time on.


Interesting idea, but wouldn’t that appear as an increase in Total Supply (even though the tokens sent to the contract would never hit circulation)?

Edit: If the tokens sent back were to come out of the Yearn Treasury, which are meant to fund operations and growth (not user mistakes), I would definitely veto this. With my original comment I thought Dark’s comment was to mint additional YFI for each token that was accidentally sent to the contract.

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I hope this will happen.

Huh, how would it even be possible? It’s an ERC20. Well known issue.

I did get refunded by different contrat in ERC20 so don’t say it well known issue i take it as this community has cheap selfish people, specially for the one big fart No if it happen to them they would not use that language, but I left yearn and i hope people see this before they get it

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there could be a 5% reward for developers who return to someone like me who sent YFI to the contract