Please make recoverable way for people who mistransffered

Hi everyone,

Today I made a big mistake, I mistransferred my 6 YIFs to token contract address. (you can find here Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan)

I contacted andre and ask helping my case but he said there’s no way to get my tokens back now…

So I beg of all this community members earnestly… Please pass this proposal for recovering my token…

That’s my everything… If I can’t get it back, There is no way to live…


Oh… how can I help you?
People need to know.

You already asked the most qualified person that could have helped you - Andre.

If he couldn’t help I doubt anyone else here can.

Accept the mistake and move on. No amount of grovelling will get your yfi back. We are in midst of bull market and hopefully you can gain it all back + more!

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Sorry for your lost, write the proposal maybe, things can be changed, at least have a try!


He said to me make a governance proposal and get it passed…

I don’t see any reason why this shouldnt be supported if under normal conditions the admin has access to the contract to return misplaced funds anyway. If there only requires an accepted proposal and for the signers to make the transfer then it wouldnt be setting any adverse precedents going forward for as long as there is nothing to be gained from it in the first place.

I’ve also Tweeted my support in order to get more feedback and knowledge


Can someone explain the technical reason as to why these coins can’t be sent back? From the looks of it these people that sent to the contract have no options?

thanks for your favor toast… I wish I could get it back…

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It can be sent back without harm to anyone, just need the controller or owner of this address to send one transaction. It’s just a transaction, not the rollback.

I support to send it back, the 6/30000 of YFI should be in the circulation not locked in somewhere.

This man has YFI, so he is a member of the community, we should help him.


Can you get in touch with me via Twitter or Telegram. It seems you might have support here and I’d like to help you put it through the proper process.

In the future how do we reduce the frequency with which these kinds of errors happen?

@pleasehelp Was there a specific point of confusion (ambiguous sentence, instruction, guide, tutorial) which led you to send your YFI to the contract address?

I was impressed with your mention.thanks nakadaole

You are welcome, we are the community.

i confused my wallet address and contract address… front of my wallet address is 0xbce and contract address is 0x0bc…

my twitter @ririque4 thanks toast

make sure you check both the front and back of the eth address if possible and use ENS! :smiley:

Big loss…I would say yes, if these YFIs really belong to him.

While I’d generally support helping people with lost funds, I think I should note the technical limitations.

The YFI token contract doesn’t have any method to force-transfer tokens or execute arbitrary calls from the contract. This means that the only way to reimburse OP is to mint new tokens.

While the effective token supply would remain the same (since the locked tokens are effectively burned), the nominal supply would still increase from 30,000 to 30,006.044.

This would be a 0.02% increase of the supply, which would have a corresponding affect on the market cap.

This is probably a negligible change, but many traders do trade on market caps, so this may have a slight downward push on the YFI price.


Unfortunately YFI token contract doesn’t have a mechanism for token recovery. Some of the newer contracts allow for recovery given it’s not YFI, reward or stake token.

I’m opposed to using minting here as it opens a whole new can of worms. Currently minting is timelocked and I believe unlocking it before we have further idea about minting is simply dangerous, besides the arguments presented above.

We’ve already seen some tokens stuck in the protocol, most notable (and unfortunate) is $100k of BAL rewards airdropped onto Pool 2 (YFI/DAI), which also lacks recovery functionality.

There was also some MATIC sent to the Governance contract, which was successfully recovered.


I’m opposed to minting new YFI and since the contract can’t send token, these YFI are lost. Painful mistake but it’s life. Happy to hear that the new pools have the mechanism for token recovery.