Help! Accounts vanished from dashboard

All, I am a complete newbie and am concerned I have been been hacked but could be misinterpreting. I had x amount deposited in the yfi token in the vault which now says withdrawn and x amount in the Dai vault which says transferred out and both have now gone from the dash board. They were both deposited about 4 hours before, go I have to wait 3 days uor it to come back? Or gave I lost everything?

Any help greatly appreciated

Whenever you deposit into the vaults, you no longer hold the token in question– in return, you get a yToken, which is a representation of your share of that vault’s holdings. In this case it would be yYFI or yDAI. You should be able to add the custom tokens for them in metamask using the contract address, which you can easily find using your etherscan transactions.

Also, in the future– either our discord or our telegram channels are a much better place to start if you need help– these forums are meant for discussing governance issues.

Many thanks, I will continue my learning on the other page. Whilst I have you my coinbase wallet shows a very small amount in ydai etc is that normal? And also to only have my earn deposits on the dashboard whilst everything in the vaults are no longer? Is it best to open a meta mask account? Sorry for all the questions, that’s the last from me just really concerned.

Thanks again