Y ecosystem explained?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there was any way to follow the various y projects such as :

  • yBorrow
  • yLiquidate
  • ySwap
  • yTrade
  • implementation of new / v2 yVaults

Are those in dev / test / test in prod ? Also how are those linked to the yfi token ? The community most likely has the same question as I do so I believe it would be good to have some kind of communication around those topics :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any comment / information !

There’s a really good newsletter which goes through most of the functions, and provides weekly updates!


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Thanks for the reply but I think I was looking for something a bit more detailed :wink:

For example, it’s stated that yswap is live but the official documentation https://docs.yearn.finance/r-and-d/yswap says otherwise (“ySwap is currently in the testing phase and not available for general use”). Also no mention of any fees and whether they flow or not to the yfi treasury or governance.

Do we have stats on those new y components ? Something like # of active users, TVL, …

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I think the newsletter is saying that it is live on mainnet. As of now yswap is not recommended for retail use but it is live on mainnet as opposed to a testnet. The docs are the most up to date source for information about these products. We mostly just have the docs and our medium blog posts. If you want more infomation you can ask an admin in discord or telegram, but almost all of what we know about these products is in the docs.

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