Yearn – Next Steps

The ecosystem consists of the following products:


Do people have strong preferences towards one of the products? If so, why?

Depending on poll, development of specific product might be prioritized.

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Why is not considered? I thought it also brought profit to YFI

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curve is an “extended” family member but not part of yEarn ecosystem :slight_smile:


yearn and yswap seem like they would build the most AUM and generate most fees near term. They’re incredibly compelling (not that the others aren’t) and already live.


I really want to see where a fully-developed yswap can go. This can become a great gateway product for consumers entering the yecosystem.

2 Likes when will this be updated for all 5 of these?

ySwap seems like it has legitimate potential to be a full on competitor with other AMM products such as Balancer, Uniswap and Bancor. IMO besides, which seems to already be able to stand on its own, ySwap has the biggest upside. All of these AMMs have key differences and specific things they offer that others don’t, so it’s not necessarily a zero sum game. And it’s a huge overall market in which ySwap can certainly find a place with what makes it unique.

In fact I think we should definitely explore incentivizing a ySwap pool rather than a Balancer pool once we get the YFI issuance details worked out. Yes it means we would miss out on BAL rewards but we would also be drawing attention and awareness to our unique version of AMM, which combines Yield, the ability to earn Liquidity Incentive tokens, and the ability to only be exposed to 1 side of the pool. For example maybe we could do a pool with cDai and YFI, so LPs earn COMP as well, or maybe yCRV and YFI to earn CRV when it’s released etc


I’m interested in and specifically the yVaults idea here:

Having an (eventually) super safe, audited, UX-optimized way to deposit stable coins and get superior yield is :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

This will replace retail banking in the future

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