vAMMV2-RED convert to OP


I have been following quest on my Coinbase Wallet. I have deposit some OP crypto to yearn vault: Velodrome RED-OP.

Here is transaction hash:

Now I want to get back my OP crypto from the vault to Coinbase Wallet.

Any help? Thanks in advance.


i have the same problem… i don´t know if there is any way to get back my OP to my wallet. I have seen some responses in similar topics but with different Vaults, and i think we have to find a exchange that could swap vAMMV2-RED/OP into OP again.
If i can find it i will come to inform here.

Hello, I have the same problem. Have you found any solution?
Thank you

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Same problem on my side, no idea what to do with this.

I had the same issue and was finally able to convert vAMMV2-RED to REDKoin then to OP on the Velodrome Finance site within Coinbase Wallet.

Go to “Browser” on Coinbase Wallet and enter into the address bar. Navigate to the Dashboard and withdraw your available vAMMV2-RED. It should convert it to RED (REDKoin) - that’s what mine did.

Then on the site, navigate to Swap. You should see your RED available to swap for OP. Then complete the swap and it should be converted back into OP.

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You can withdrawal from the vault, then withdrawal from the LP pool on velodrome into OP.

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