Is there a plan to use the 1M OP we have?

Last year Yearn got 1M OP from Optimism. Is there a plan to use them for incentives?

Here is the proposal:

The funds have been delivered… What’s the plan?


Yes there is a plan I would keep an eye out on our announcements channel and the vaults on Optimism.


Is there a estimated timeline or any other public info out there to chew on? Is there a public Github repo?

Good to know Ghosty, thanks for the heads up. I’d think that additional incentives directed toward yvOP or yvWETH vaults would lead to a boost in overall Optimism TVL.

If so, what kind of proposals would be best suited for this? Would love to help push this forward.

We are planning to distribute 25k $OP per week, starting with that amount split between yvWETH, yvDAI, yvUSDC, and yvUSDT. As we go, we can add more existing vaults, velo pairs, and possibly new vaults as well to the rewards program on Optimism. This should be launching very soon.

When we do go live, you’ll have to stake your yvToken (UI/contracts work is already done) to receive your staking rewards as yvOP.


Great to see, appreciate it! I noticed the two new pools for velo’s usdc-dola and usdc-susd, have the updated velodrome reinvest strategies been announced yet?

Are rewards split with an even weight between each of those or is it dependent on TVL/strategy? I’d like to keep track of how many users are receiving yvOP rewards over time.

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